Video Game Tattoos

by Wodle

day of the tentacle tattoo (purple tentacle tattoo)

day of the tentacle tattoo (purple tentacle tattoo)

day of the tentacle tattoo (purple tentacle tattoo)
fallout 2 tattoo (vault boy child killer tattoo)
grim fandango tattoo (manny tattoo )
mario tattoo (boo tattoo)

Here are some homemade video game tattoos I did on myself. I have never drawn anything and have no interest in tattooing but I was bored and stoned. Enjoy.

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Tattoos NEW
by: William Jack

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cr1 NEW
by: Chaex

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yeh dude
by: Anonymous

wow fucking awesome man. all of them absolute classics you fucking rule!!!

Wrong and Vile NEW
by: Anonymous

Pathetic. I hope you have fun explaining that to your grankids if you dont die of an over
dose first.

by: Anonymous

thats great kicking a women in the tummy when shes prego is just wonerful i dont care if you where high on crack... thats fucking sick!!!! someone should chop off your dick. and you suck at "art" if thats what some may call it this should be takin off this sight asap!!!!

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