Serenity Tattoo

by Linda
(Atlanta, GA USA)

Serenity Tattoo

Serenity Tattoo

This is my tenth tattoo and it represents my serenity. Each of my tattoos is in regard to a place in my life I have come to, overcome, or wish to always remember in one way or another.
The fairy-woman represents me, of course. She is free, naked in her own comfort, her spirit is carefree and childlike, and she is omniscient. She sits under the cherry blossom tree, my tree of life because of the Japanese heritage (I am 1/4 Japanese). It represents how perishable life is; how you have but one before you die. Cherry blossoms bloom vivid, breathtakingly beautiful flowers briefly and not again until next year. The sun sets all around her as I am a Leo and ruled by the sun; I sit by water as to remember the need for balance (like with fire and water).
I see this and I know my place, I know where I have been, I know where I want to go, and I know who I am.

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by: Robert Nelson

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by: Anonymous

besutiful story behind it, an extrodinary tatt.

by: Anonymous

Profound!!!! It takes my breathe away!

by: Anonymous

I love your story behind your tattoo. That's when they really mean the most.

beautiful tat
by: Anonymous

Love the color scheme. Helps bring out the detail in the artwork. May the serenity you found be as tranquil as much as your tattoo is captivating.

by: Jamie S.

It's very colorful, and a nice story. Serenity can have many color's and stories. It would be interesting and a beautiful story and tattoo if it were done in Native American too!

by: Asbury

now thats a nice tat luv tha meaning

by: Anonymous

Sweet tatt

by: Anonymous

Really colourful!

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