Peace Love and Happiness Tattoo

by Portia

chinese cherry blossom tattoo

chinese cherry blossom tattoo

260 euro, the most painful thing of my life..
took it all out on my boyfriend..
It was actually kind of funny,
when the artist got up to my ribs I started cursing at my boyfriend who was holding my hand, and people would poke their heads around the corner to see who kept screaming the F word..
but my tattoo is a chinese cherry blossom, which in china represents female beauty, power, and sexuality.

The symbols, from top to bottom, read Peace Love and Happiness, the 3 things I want most out of life.

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Niceee Tat
by: YoMama

Niceeee Tattoo But Mynn Loooks Waaay Bettahh Hahaha

awesome tattoo
by: Anonymous

i like how they did the flowers and the color, nice 1

my opinion
by: Anonymous

Well worth the of the best I've ever seen! Absolutely breathtaking!!

by: Anonymous

this is really pretty....i want one but smaller

by: Anonymous

i think it i too plain. but the dasign is pretyy

WOW..." x
by: Anonymous

this is a reallyy pretty tattoo i love chinese writing as well as cherryy blossoms i really like that is bootiful x lool x


i was going to get the samee peacee<3:)

by: Joie

whoa man thats awesome

by: Maria

This is a very pretty & feminin tattoo

by: Anonymous

my original idea for my first tat was to get a cherry blossom branch, but i couldn't figure where to put it.

this looks amazing, and very well done!

by: Anonymous

its so pretty how long did it take?

by: lynda

this is a beautiful tattoo!! I love it!!!

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