Paw Print Tattoo

by Lauren Hooker
(Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, England)

Paw Print Tattoo -  my love of animals

Paw Print Tattoo - my love of animals

My first tattoo is the pawprint tattoo.

I got because I really wanted to just get one. I nearly didnt get it but my friend spurred me on by saying "prove your mam wrong" because my mam always said that I would never get it done because I am scared of needles - so I eventually got it done and it wasnt as bad as I thought it was.

I do have another tattoo and I think I may have become addicted to them because I just want more and more.

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Nice post NEW
by: Rafique

Different people have different choices. Tattoo making is an art which very rare people have. I have seen so many famous personality who make tattoo at different parts of the body especially wrestler like to make tattoos. The author of this post like to make a Paw Print tattoo at your back which looking good. well! I need review but i think amazing collection of different tattoos designs contain this website.

Paw print love it !!! Top idea NEW
by: Anonymous

People who do not have positive things to say should really keep there dumb arse comments to them selfs !!!
It a personal choice !!!
So instead of the negative comments go and throw your toys out of you pram somewhere else and concentrate on yourself. You are not so perfect !!!!! take some courses on how to be positive and nice !!!
In fact think it's sweet idea !! I sadly had to have my dog put to sleep a couple of weeks ago. Now thinking I would love this done !!!!

by: Anonymous

Very nice. My first two tattoos were of our boxer dogs paws. I put their paws on a scanner and had their actual paw put on the side of my calf.

dont hate
by: Anonymous

whoever said it is a dumb reason to get a tattoo obviously doesnt care about animals. when you love animals, its a part of who you are and it makes you look at things in the world in a different light especially if you believe in animal rights. so no Id say that is a pretty good reasons being that its a part of who you are as a person and how you approach life.

by: the one and only

dont be tight on her tattoo its cute
its a good reason to get a tattoo.........
and its not deformed she obviously wanted it that shape just because its not the classic paw print shape .. its unique


by: Anonymous

i think ur tattoo is smart im wantin paw prints. thinkin of a few goin up on my back near ma shoulder bt not sure seen some gr8 ideas dont no wat 2 pick xx

get a grip
by: Anonymous

its just a tatoo nae need tae be ignorant! its nice n am gnae get yin like it.

I love it
by: Anonymous

I think it is very cute and unique and shows your love for animals. I'm about to get paw prints also.

by: linda

thats lovely ,iv just lost my beloved dog and have 5 little ones in a misty chain on my wrist. paws come in many shapes and sizes ,linda x

by: Anonymous

i think you tattoo is nice, and im looking to get one also i was thinking a paw print. Yours looks little tho and a bit like a foot ;-p.


ur life sux
by: kandy(no im not a stripper)

u have a permanent deformed pawprint tattoo hahahahahahaha

by: Anonymous

thats a dumb reason to get a tattoo. do yourself a favor, and put alot of thought into your next ones. make them personal, unique and meaningful.

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