My Family Leg Tattoo

by LA Cook
(Red Wing, MN)

My Family

My Family

It is my first tattoo. I had it done for my 35th birthday. The design was created by a 16 year old boy, a friend of my sons.

It is a family tree at least in my eyes our my family flower bush. The large darker yellow rose is myself. Being my birthday is in Nov and the color stone is topaz or yellow. Also my favorite flower is a Yellow Rose.

The rose buds are my 3 sons. The center bud is for my oldest son who passed away. Under his bud is his birthstone the diamond. On each sides, the other buds represents my other two sons, with their birthstones under their buds.

The little color butterflies represent my Goddaughters whom this entire family is very close to and they us. Each Goddaughter's butterfly is her own favorite color.

The work was done by Kevin at Red Wing Tattoo. Since then he has done the other 5 pieces I have had done.

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Love it
by: Anonymous

I think you tattoo is very symbolic and i love it!!!!

I forgot to mention

The day I was getting my first tattoo at age 35. I had no idea, nor did my mother, but my Mom at age 56 was getting her first tattoo. In a shop 100 miles south. She got a pink rose on her left ankle. ODD????

Also I hate pain, I am scared to death of needles. The tattoo hurt like hell. I came close to crying, I came close to getting sick. SO instead I yelled OUCH a lot, and sang the Campbells Soup UMM UMMM GOOD SONG.

Nice Idea
by: Bikerbale

nice idea, gives me food for thought. Im thinking koi family tree with diferent colours depending on age and sex etc. cheers for the inspiring story.

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