Maple Leaf Tattoos

Thinking about getting a maple tree or maple leaf tattoos?

The most popular maple leaf tattoo design is, of course, the red tripinnate-lobed (i.e. three sections) maple leaf which is the national symbol of Canada. Most associated with their hockey teams, the red Canadian maple leaf has been the country’s unofficial national symbol since the 1700s, with official additions to the Canadian coat of arms and the national flag being added throughout the 19th century. The current eleven-pointed leaf on the flag, referred to in French as l’Unifolié (“one-leafed”), was adopted in 1965.

But the popularity of the maple tree or maple leaf design does not end at the Canadian border.

Multiple varieties of maple trees serve as shade and ornamental flora worldwide. The sap of the tree is used to make the world’s most famous pancake syrups, in addition to being used as medicine and a base to make dye.

In the United States, the Red Maple is the state tree of Rhode Island, while the Sugar Maple is the state tree of New York, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

In China, the maple tree is associated with gift-giving and the bestowing of honor.

In Japan, the maple blossom is the official flower of October, and is considered a “valentine” for lovers.

The tree itself symbolizes reserve and relaxation. That imagery made its way into Victorian language, where the maple blossom is also considered a symbol of reserve.

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