Grandfather Clock Tattoo

by Brittany
(Plymouth, In)

Key Tattoo

Key Tattoo

I had been wanting to get the key for awhile. Basically what it means to me is, a key is individual, only one key fits in one hole. It shows that I too am an individual, I do not follow the crowd. I wanted to wait and get it because one part of the key is actually a clock. I wasnt sure what the clock meant to me, or what I would have it stopped on. Maybe I just wouldnt have a clock. Then when my grandfather passed away in October, it really hit me hard. My mom grandma and I were there as he passed away, and it gave me a new outlook on life. I decided to have it stopped at 10:20 that is the time he was pronounced dead at. It's on my left side. On my right side is the 'autism dove' which can also be found on this sight.

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by: Nicole

This tattoo is wicked! I love how symbolic it is to you!

great tat
by: Mikey

I like your idea and i feel quietly the same about the Individual aspect of life towards myself..
i was also thinkin the head of the key for me would have my Mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers initials bound together. Then joining the head of the key and the main 'stem' would be 3 bands for '3' as my grand father and myself share the same birthday on that date. Writing down the main part (of somesort not sure yet) and possible LA at the bottom where the key groves are, for "Love Always'. And to finish Shading from above down on the key to represent my mother and grandmother looking down from above.

by: Melissa

I've been thinking about getting a clock tattoo to represent my dad and a blue bird to represent my mom.
my mom likes blue birds because she feels like they represent harmony and simplicity. she's always taught me to be at peace with myself.
i want a clock tattoo for my dad because he means the world to me, and no matter how stressed he is, or how much work he has, he has always found time to spend time and be there for his kids.
my parents are truly my heroes, and this tattoo totally inspired me to finally decide on what to get my dad.

by: JMR

Wish that was a better pic but what an awesome idea. great tat

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