"Gang Tattoo" The Teardrop Tattoo

by Morgan

I am a nurse; and as such, I was the nurse, in a campsite setting for delinquent teenagers. Some of the young boys had various tattoos--some of them were known as "Gang Tattoos." One of those "Gang Tattoos" was a teardrop tattoo, under the eye.

Many years, after having worked there, I fell on the sidewalk while wearing a pair of sunglasses that were made of glass--not plastic. I fell flat on my face; and the glass, of my sunglasses broke right over my right cheekbone!! When it healed, I noticed that the scar resembled one of the tattoos that the young,
delinquent boys wore, under their eyes. It was shaped like a teardrop.

At that time, I researched the teardrop tattoo shape, on the Internet. The Website described the teardrop shape as meaning that the person, with such a tattoo, had killed someone while they were incarcerated. Or, it could also mean that the person, with a teardrop tattoo, had had a beloved person die, while they were incarcerated.

Either way, the scar--from a fall on the sidewalk, makes it look like I have been incarcerated!!! Me--a nurse, who was a nurse for incarcerated young men, now looks like a former criminal--not just a gang member!!! :-O

Can anyone tell me if such a tattoo is supposed to be under the
right or the left eye? And does the point of the "teardrop" go up or down? I haven't found that tattoo on this Website. And I do
not want to put a picture of my face, with a "gang tattoo," on
the Internet. :'-[

Thanks in advance, from a NON-ganster nurse. :-)


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by: Anonymous

You shouldn't care what people who don't know you think of you. If they are the type of person to judge you by that scar without knowing you, would you really want to know them? It's a scar, if people freak out about it, it is their own shallowness. You shouldn't feel ashamed of it nor make up a story for it, though you could use one of those story ideas as an icebreaker ... as in a joke. Anyways. If they person is judging you without getting to know you they are probably not worth knowing.

by: Stanley " Tookie" williams

Tear drop tattoos have many meanings it could mean someone u know died, u have been incarcerated for a year, u have killed for the gang or someone u know died and u had ur revenge but u have to be an idiot to think it means u cried for children just say its a scar or just wear make up

"Gang Tattoo "The Teardrop Tattoo
by: Morgan

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for your thoughtful suggestion to tell
people that the tattoo means I'm crying for all
the kids I may have helped while working with
teenage, delinquent boys. What a unique idea!!
Perhaps it's a good icebreaker, when I'm meeting
someone new? LOL


"Gang Tatoo" The Teardrop Tattoo
by: Morgan

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for your response. My tear drop, tattoo-appearing
scar is, in fact, under my right eye; and the point is pointing
up!!! OMG, now, I REALLY look like a gangster-nurse!!!

You're suggestion, to pass it off as a sign that I am crying
for all those kids that I helped, made me laugh. :-) This
past St. Patrick's Day, I went out to an Irish pub, to have
an Irish dinner. I sat at the bar; and the guy next to me
asked if I was a "gangster." I should have stood up; and
just said, "Yeah! You wanna make some'n of it??" Problem
is, I'm only 5'3" tall; and a smiling redhead. And I'm not
trying to scare people off. I guess I'll have to keep covering
it with make-up, even though I don't wear make-up on
the rest of my face

by: Anonymous

I have worked retail for over 20 yrs. and have seen lots of people come into the store with tear drops below their eyes. The majority of them have them under their right eye with the the point of the drop up .... Don't know if that helps but good luck on that....You could say that your scar would represent all the tears you've cryed for all the people in trouble that you helped.

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