Daisy Tattoos

Thinking about daisy tattoos?

One daisy tattoo idea that could be of interest would be the flower with plucked or missing petals, like the popular “S/he loves me, S/he loves me not” saying.

Our current word for daisy is a derivation of the Olde English “days-eye,” since the dark center of the flower looks like an eye, and the flower closes at night.

The daisy has symbolic connections to several cultures. The oldest seems to be the Roman myth that the nymph Belides was dancing in the orchards, and turned herself into a daisy to escape the watchful eye of the orchard god Vertumnus. In Norse legends, daisies are sacred to the goddess Freya. And in early Christian art, Italian artists replaced lilies with the daisy to symbolize the innocence of the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus.

Taken together, daisies and daisy flower tattoos can symbolize a variety of things including gentleness, innocence, purity in thought and love, and luck to women. They are also the flower of April, so are a good choice for those with April birthdays. Not all is happy and upbeat, however; some cultures use daisies to symbolize the silence of death.

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