Baby Owl Tattoo

by Cait

I do have one tattoo that is very important to me. It is on my upper back, placed right in the middle, between my shoulder blades. I plan to get another one on the back of my neck, but I'm undecided about it yet.

I really had to think hard about my first tattoo. I have three baby owls, representing the children story my sisters and I were obsessed with. In a way, the baby owls stood for each of us, the oldest baby owl, Sarah being me, the middle owl, Percy being Erin, and the smallest baby owl, Bill being Kerry. This tattoo I had changed dozens of times over the first five years I thought of the idea. The first idea I had was three little, dainty stars on my ankle with our favorite colors being in each star, however I realized my sisters deserved something more elaborate and significant than that. So then I thought about our three favorite flowers, but Kerry's and my favorite were either the same or always changed. So then I thought about our childhood and what symbolized our childhood together. But then I got lazy and almost decided on the Celtic symbol of sisterhood. Eventually, I remembered the story book we loved and related to when we were very young. "Why didn't I think of that originally??" I thought to myself when I first realized it. I was sure my sisters would love it and think its more touching than just three little stars or some celtic symbol. But I looked up the art work on the story and HATED it. From what I remembered, the baby owls were more realistic looking and not...idk odd looking. So then I looked up pictures of baby owls and thought the barn owls were the cutest things ever (plus they're our favorite owls). But I wanted to be sure that I was ok with the owls so I looked up other animals that might be perfect for representing my sisters and I. One of my ideas was three horses and I almost went for it, but horses didn't prove any true importance to anyone but me because I thought they were beautiful...but so our owls and they were more significant. So I went for it and got the tattoo as a surprise for my sisters. When I showed them my finished work, I can't even describe their reactions. They were so happy and excited when they saw it. I was so glad to have a tattoo that represented my sisters and our childhood. In addition, owls mean wisdom, which my sisters and I have but in differet ways, balancing each other out. As an added bonus, I gave each owl our eye colors (tallest owl having dark brown, middle owl having light blue, and the smallest owl having hazel/gree eyes).

I was very happy with the results of this tattoo and glad taht I got it as my first tattoo. I hope this isn't the last, but for now, that is my one and only tattoo

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